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Arab Beekeepers Union.

Under the supervision of the Arab Agricultural Development Organization, the Arab Beekeepers Union was established on February 1994. The aim of Arab beekeeping union is to improve the beekeeping profession all over the Arab World. Moreover the objectives of the union comprise consolidating cooperation between Arab beekeepers besides defending their rights as well as coordinating exchange of information, experience, and the ongoing research and development. These objectives are being achieved thorough holding activities and events like conferences, symposiums, and publishing articles/ papers in scientific journals and periodicals.

The objectives of the Arab Beekeepers Union;

1.      Improving and elevating the profession of beekeeping in the Arab World.

2.      Following the updates and results of beekeeping researches besides arranging them in the form of scientific bulletins to be distributed among the members.

3.      Holding symposiums and conferences relevant to establishing the standards and proposals required for developing the profession of beekeeping besides overcoming the obstacles hindering it improvement.

4.      Participation in supporting the scientific research in the field of beekeeping.

5.      Cooperating with the related organizations to establish the standards and specification of bee products.

6.      Facilitating commercial exchange of bee products among Arab countries.

7.      Participation in international and domestic beekeeping symposiums and conferences.

8.      Surveying the bee endemic diseases and pests of the Arab World besides establishing of their treatment rules, building alert system against serious new diseases and pests, and issuing recommendations to fight them effectively and prevent their spreading.    

9.      Cooperating with executive bodies in the Arab countries to serve improve the beekeeping sector and provide the production requirements.

10.  Participation in establishing investment projects to produce beekeeping tools and equipment.

11.  Consolidating cooperation among Arab beekeepers in addition to defending their interests and coordinating among them to exchange information, experience, and research.

12.  Business cooperation with similar Arab and international organizations and specialists to serve the union’s objectives.

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