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Friday 5 March 2021
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The Union's General Secretariat

The General Secretariat of the Arab Beekeepers Union includes:

· The General Secretary
The general secretary is elected by the union’s members for four-year tenure. Who has the right to stand for the election for one additional tenure.

· The Assistant General Secretary
The assistants General Secretary is elected by the executive committee of each country from the members of the executive subcommittees. They are elected for four-year tenure susceptible to renewal according to the conditions below:

  1. Each candidate should be elected in his/her country
  2. In a closed session, the executive subcommittee should elect a member of its executive office for the position of “Assistant General Secretary”.
  3. In case it is asked, the General Secretariat is authorized to appoint a legal representative or one of its members to supervise the election process in all the countries representing the union.

Advisors who are working for the General Secretariat without having the right to vote.

The conditions required for the position of General Secretary and Assistant General Secretary:

  1.  A university graduate
  2. At least 10-year experience in the field of beekeeping

For the general secretary position, a candidate should be nominated by the executive subcommittee

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